Our Story

Archipelago Swim started in 2011 in Toronto, Ontario, with a vision and a sewing machine. 

The founder, Jamie Haiden, felt her love for the beach went beyond experiencing the oceans, warm sunshine, and tropical flowers. While  teaching abroad in South Korea, she started sewing for her friends. She kept getting requests from people who could not find swimwear options in their size, which happens to be a recurring problem everywhere. The more she made bathing suits, the more she fell in love with the process of making swimwear.

Archipelago's aim is to create beautiful swimwear that doesn't compromise the environment or human rights. When she first started making swimsuits, she quickly realized that sweatshops are not a thing of the past, but still the foundation of our global fashion industry. Through this research, Jamie started to learn about the amount of pollution that the fashion industry generates (we’ll give you a hint: it’s a lot). We realize that environmental rights are human rights. And so began Archipelago Swim. 

Our goal for the future is to expand the vision of sustainable, eco-friendly wear goes far beyond bathing suits. More and more people are demanding equality worldwide and we want to be a part of that movement. We want to connect with other artists, brands, and suppliers to help expand this vision of slow fashion. 

At Archipelago we stand for change in the fashion industry. Our brand reflects genuine love, artistry, and beauty for both the customer and the world at large. 

Meet The Founder

Jamie Haiden, Designer and Founder

Along with owning and operating Archipelago Swim, Jamie is a high school English, French, and Art teacher.

Through her work, attention has been brought to issues surrounding inclusivity, body image, and workers' rights. These issues have provided insight into her vision for Archipelago Swim. She believes that everyone  should have the opportunity to feel beautiful in a swimsuit, without compromising their values.